Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photos #72-79

exposure: 1/8sec f/stop: 3.5 iso: 400

I was at Starbucks on George Street with Marione enjoying some green tea, discussing various things until I could hear my stomach grumbling. I didn't feel like eating Macdonalds and wasn't bothered walking elsewhere, so I settled for a sausage roll. Not the healthiest choice but I didn't want to spend more on a wrap. Anyway, I was feeling a bit artistic and drew a happy face and a sad face with tomato sauce on the sausage rolls that were cut up. Enjoy this amazing effort of artwork. 
exposure: 1/10sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 800

Today, Marione spotted out this interesting stone figure of a toy bear that was stuck to the monorail pillars. Not only was this a random thing to find but it also said culture. Anyone else in Sydney seen anything like this around the city?

   exposure: 1/8sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 800

And here we have Marione, my partner in crime and my main supporter with anything and everything I do. I honestly don't know what I would do without her because shes helped me in so many ways that if I list them all, this would be a really long post. Just like to say thank you for everything you've done and supporting me through my ups and downs and for being there for me.   

 exposure: 1/5sec f/stop: 8 iso: 400
Converted to black and white

 I'm sure for the people that live in Sydney and go to the city and visit Pitt Street, you would have seen this person. He's a homeless person that shines shoes in front of Myers. I admire that even though hes homeless, hes still trying to make a living and works on donations from people that pass by as well. I spoke to him before I took this photo and hes a really nice person.

 exposure: 1/4000sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 200

I picked up Marione after she finished work at the Rosemount Fasion Show and we walked to buy some soup and as we were walking she was telling me that I should take a photo of the buildings with reflections cause they look pretty interesting. I took a few shots and I also ended up taking more of the surrounding buildings and this is the end result. I also thought it was pretty cool that my lens was wide enough to fit these buildings in the frame. 

 exposure: 1/60sec f/stop: 3.5 iso: 125

I was at Centennial Park with my mum and my sister and we stumbled onto this exhibition of photographers works and they are amazing! Its hosted by ACMP (Australian Commercial Media Photographers) and its on between 28 April and 5 June. They were still setting up with the exhibition when I went but I'm going to go back again soon with Marione. I encourage photo enthusiasts and anyone interested and bothered to attend this. There's a lot of talent shown through these images and I hope to be exhibited here someday next to these great photographer's works. 
exposure: 1/200sec f/stop: 8 iso: 125
I was out with my mum and sister again and this time we were at Bondi Beach enjoying the sun and eating some fish and chips and some prawns that mum wanted to get as well. I took this photo when we were leaving to go back to the car at the lights and even though this was a random shot, I like it because of the shadows. If you didn't know, I'm the one that is second from the left =.)

exposure: 1/3sec f/stop: 5.6 iso: 800

I love finding these random things in the city. Actually, Marione found it again. Props to her for the find and this was in front of Gloria Jeans on Pitt and Park for anyone that wants to check out this random thing. Its a remote control that says "STOP!" on it and there are different ones on nearly every pillar of the monorail. Some were taken off which is unfortunate because I wanted to see what they were but the ones that Marione and I ended up finding were pretty cool. 


  1. Awww yay! I'm in this one XD

    I really like the one of the shoe shine guy. I want to print it or better yet get you to enter it in competitions!!!! :D

    Also, when so we resume tracking down those cement models on the Monorail stands? :)

  2. *when do we resume... etc etc

  3. We'll go back out looking for those cement things when I get better. I hate being sick =(

  4. True :( Argh! sickness sucks and I think I'm starting to get sick too! I'm drinking heaps of water and tea just incase. If you're still sick on Thursday or even Friday I'll make you some Chicken soup :)