About Me

My full name is John Vincent Sison but I usually go by the nickname "Sison". I have a Filipino background but I'm a proud Aussie, having been born in Australia and on Australia Day (26th January). I developed an interest in photography at a young age, taking snapshots of friends and family using disposable cameras but as my interest developed I upgraded to a digital camera and finally a DSLR. I was given the ability to manipulate my images through light, colour and perspectives - Soon I found myself falling in love with photography even more. I like the fact that in photography you can capture a moment in time that will never be exactly the same again.

I'm a Sydney based photographer, specializing in event, macro, landscape and portrait photography. Sony Alpha is my camera brand of choice and it always sparks the question "Why?", to which I reply with "Why not?". My love for camera gear and photography itself has inspired me to create my own blog where I share views on camera equipment and photo projects that I undertake and if you've been around long enough you'll notice my enthusiasm enough to know why I chose Sony.

In my photography, I strive to be different, always open to taking on new challenges and ideas. I'm open to collaborations or just being a part of anything inspirational. My goal is to one day become a professional photographer and be successful in what ever I choose to do.

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