Friday, September 7, 2012

Hands on with Sony's new NEX-5R

Hi everyone!

The time has arrived when Sony replaced the popular NEX-5N with its successor, the NEX-5R. In basically, the same form factor, Sony has managed to improve nearly everything and add some unique features in what I think will be a very popular camera.


The first thing that I wanted to try out was how fast the new hybrid auto-focus speed has improved from its predecessor as it was always my main concern with NEX cameras.. How fast compared to the competition remains to be seen but there is a noticeable improvement from my little hands on session.

NEX-5R side with WIFI logo

NEX-5R Application Menu

Next I was really excited about the WIFI. However, I wasn't able to try it out since PlayMemories (required app to be used with the camera) hasn't been released yet. However, a few of the apps were already installed on the camera and it worked perfectly.

NEX-5R flipped up

NEX-5R tilted down

Amongst its other improvements, the LCD screen can also flip up like the NEX-F3 but can still be tilted down for those overhead shots which the NEX-F3 can't do. The NEX-5R remains to be the only touch screen in the current NEX lineup and it also seems to be more responsive too. Not smartphone responsive but better than the NEX-5N.

NEX-5R Top 

One of the main complaints with the previous NEX-5 cameras was the lack of controls and dials. This appears to have at least helped with resolve the problem without compromising too much on the form factor. The addition of a function button as well as a top dial are of course welcome additions but the lack of a built in flash which is featured on the entry level NEX-F3 may disappoint a few.

NEX-5R Menu Layout

NEX-5R Shooting Layout

Those are the main improvements on the camera. The menu layout is slightly different with the addition of Application (side note: I think it should say 'Applications' instead) and the shooting layout virtually the same but with the addition of the horizon level. Its shaping up to be a good follow up to the '5' series cameras for the NEX line. 

For Australia, the pricing will be as follows:
Body only: $799
Single lens kit: $999
Twin lens kit: $1299

Stay tuned for my full review coming soon!
Happy shooting and thanks for reading! 


  1. Thanks for the intial comments John. Is it available in Australia yet?

  2. Not a problem. Its expected to be released in Australia during November.

  3. Were you able to test whether the new Hybrid AF can track moving subjects reliably?

    This was hopeless on the 5N and most other CDAF systems.