My Videos

My very first time lapse video. I did this at Milson's Point in Sydney, overlooking the cityscape and the Harbour Bridge. I was continually taking photos manually every 30 seconds for 3 hours (before I bought an intervalometer) which was a bit challenging because it took a lot of patience. Its not perfect but isn't bad for a first timer.

A very simple stop motion video of a little shoot that I had with JMCK. It's a video showing us experimenting with our lighting setups, a bit of playing around and of course the shoot itself. It's a shame the umbrella got in the during the shoot. Thinking about it now, the video is a bit long.

 This was shot during Vivid Sydney 2010 showcasing the many faces of the opera house over a period of time. 

Just a walk around Sydney. Inspired by Dom Bower. It's not as good as his but considering hes a professional photographer, its fine by me. I'll probably do a better one soon.

My stop motion video from Newcastle to Sydney was pretty exhausting. Notice in the video I needed to stop off the highway to take a break. I was so tired. Plus, I needed to change the angle of the camera just a bit.

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