Thursday, July 8, 2010

Landscape Portfolio

Hi everyone!

Its been a while since I updated my blog and with a slightly new layout, this post is long overdue. I thought I would start off with congratulating Ria, one of the JMCK models who is going to be participating in a fashion show at the end of this month so great news and congratulations again. Also I am going to be working with Chris Pavlich (Sydney MX photographer) next week, so that would be great for some photo-journalistic experience and a taste of one of the many photography paths I want to pursue. Its great to be given the chance to work with someone who has so much experience and the fact that hes willing to give his time to mentor me is great so I'd like to thank him in advance, even though I know he doesn't know about this site.

I also have plans to start up a new portfolio for landscape photography. I think this would be a great endeavor and by no means would this be a solo project. For this to work though, there is a lot more planning, a lot of travel and patience and early morning starts but I'm sure this will be well worth it. I aim to have at least twenty to thirty awe-inspiring images before the end of the year and if its all done before the date its due then that would be a great accomplishment. I plan to have a website that would strictly be for landscape photos so keep an eye out for that.

JMCK has been pretty quiet lately but myself and Marione are planning a lot of new projects and new ideas that we will soon finalize. The JMCK blog will also get an update soon with a shoot that we had not too long ago and some other events that we will be at so check that out also.

To tech news, its been a few weeks since the Sony NEX cameras have been released and they have actually been selling really well which is great news. Other than the NEX cameras, there is nothing that has been announced for the replacement of the a700 yet. It will be an exciting next couple of months for the gearheads (like myself) so I'm just hoping that the new a7xx is worth the wait.

Thats all the news for now, I think but after this blog entry I'll be posting a stop motion video that I just did recently. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!


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