Monday, September 19, 2011

{Self-Portrait Project} Kitchen Levitation

exposure: 1/160sec f/stop: 7.1 iso: 100

Hi everyone! I originally had a different idea planned for this shot but I had to change to a different idea because I needed more time to prepare the other shot and time was something that I was short on. I then went onto planning my other idea in the kitchen but my lens wasn't wide enough (I wish I kept my 17-50mm lens). So here I am in the kitchen checking up on something that I am baking. 

My camera was set up on a tripod attached to a remote cable. There were two flashes used where one was in my oven with an orange gel and the other behind me, where both were triggered wirelessly. The shot is two photos in one where the first was just the kitchen background and the second was myself and then merged in photoshop.

Gear used:
- Sony a350 with Carl Zeiss 24-70mm 2.8 lens attached
- two flashes (HVL-F58AM & HVL-F43AM)
- remote cable
- tripod


  1. ha ha ha what a clever shot indeed! i must get a lesson on flash photograph from you. i've been avoiding flash and i'm sure that it will haunt me one day he he he.

  2. Yeah sure I'll try. I love doing strobist photos but if thats the case, I should take lessons from you using more natural light in my photos hehe.