Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{CameraGear} UPDATED: Sony announces new a57 DSLT camera

Hi everyone! 

The a55 is Sony's oldest DSLT camera in the lineup launching in 2010 also winning camera of the year by Pop Photo. The a57 replaces it continuing on with the Translucent Mirror Technology and with a number of upgrades that consumers will find interesting. The key features and upgrades are as follows:

 - 16.1 megapixel sensor (same as the NEX-5N)
 - a bigger body similar to the size to the a65
 - AVCHD 2.0 with P/A/S/M control 
 - high speed 12fps shooting in tele-zoom continuous
 - a new upgraded LCD tru-finder
 - auto-portrait framing
 - clear image zoom
 - ISO 100-16000

There are more features that have been upgraded that can be found by clicking here.

The feature that I find most interesting in this camera is the auto-portrait framing mode. If you're taking a photo of a person in this mode, the camera uses face detection and the 'rule of thirds' and crops the frame to give it a more professional look and this works in both landscape and portrait. It also saves both the original image and the cropped image. 

Below is a video of the a57 from SGNL by Sony and an ad for the Sony a57 to give you a brief rundown of the camera

Availability for Australia would be around mid April with pricing as follows:

Body only: $899
Single lens kit w/ 18-55mm lens: $1049
Twin lens kit w 18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses: $1299

Well overall, I think its a good upgrade to the a55 offering some new unique features and the bigger body is a good move in my opinion but I wonder why they left out the GPS option (not that I ever use it). I'll do a video review as soon as I get one in my hands. 

Thanks for reading!

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