Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sony announce the NEX-F3 and SLT-A37 cameras

Hi everyone!

Sony have just announced two new cameras that replace the NEX-C3 and the SLT-A35, the NEX-F3 and the SLT-A37.

The NEX-F3's standout feature is the flip screen that lets the user see themselves as they take the photo. As well as the new screen, a host of new features debut on this camera such as clear image zoom and auto-portrait framing. Click here on the full press release and specs.

The SLT-A37 replaces the SLT-A35 and comes with an improved viewfinder and a tilt screen, similar to the one on the DSLR-A550. The standout feature of this camera like other SLT cameras are the continuous frames per second shooting speed. This camera can deliver 7 frames per second in tele-zoom mode and 5.5 frames per second at full resolution which is impressive for an entry level camera. Click here for the full specs and details.

Here are a couple of videos talking about the function and features of the camera with two lenses that were announced alongside these cameras (one for each mount).



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