Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back on Sunday

Hello everyone!

First of all I just wanted to say thank you for all the support! Its always good to hear the complements.
thank you =.)

Secondly I know I haven't updated the 319 project (so far behind) and I shall be doing that when I get back from Melbourne on Sunday. Plus I got a new time lapse video and a couple new stop motion videos coming soon. If the videos aren't posted on Sunday, it will definitely be up on Monday.

Thirdly, I read from Sony Alpha Rumors that Sony will be releasing Six new DSLRs to refresh their APSC line of cameras (no news on a full frame camera) and a couple of them will be using a pellicle mirror instead of the normal mirror box. Canon were the first to use this technology with their film cameras but Sony patented the use of a pellicle mirror in digital cameras last year. Anyway, the advantage of this is during video recording it will give you fast phase auto-focus detection and this is the same case for stills so it will be the fastest auto-focus system made for DSLRs. On top of that, since the mirror is in a fixed position and does not require movement, you will get sharper images (no need for Mirror Lock Up). The camera will also be more silent and there will be no blackouts when taking a photo. One of the most beneficial things of using the pellicle mirror is that it can shoot over 10fps and I must say that is very impressive.

Lastly, PMA (Digital Life Expo) this weekend.  Its going to be awesome!

I'll be back soon for other updates and thanks for reading!


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