Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Hello everyone!

The last time I blogged, it was about my 319 project (I know I still have to complete it. I'll admit I have been a bit lazy with uploading but it'll be finished very soon!) and that was last year in December and since then a lot has happened. One of those big things is my trip to the Philippines (the motherland). Specifically, my friends and I traveled to Manila, Palawan and Boracay. To avoid going into details about the trip because my friends already know what happened, I will say that it was an awesome holiday and I had heaps of fun and it was a very memorable and relaxing time overseas. Now to the photography part. There were so many photo opportunities during this trip and I regret not taking every opportunity I could have to bring my camera out all those times because I was either having too much fun or just lazy to grab the camera out of the hotel room but those times I did bring out my camera, I used it to the best of my ability to get some good shots. The following are just a few of my photos that I took during the trip.

exposure: 13sec f/stop: 32 iso: 100
gear: tripod, ND filter 8, GND filter 8

Taken in the early hours of the morning in Palawan. The low tide allowed me to venture out near the rocky area to take this long exposed shot of the water that made gave it a misty look.

exposure: 0.6sec f/stop: 32 iso: 100

Not the most exciting photo during the trip but I like the motion of the cars whilst the person directing traffic is completely still.

exposure: 1/30sec f/stop: 6.3 iso: 400
 gear: hvl-f58am flash (off-camera)

One of my favorite shots from the trip is of my friend who has his head partially submerged in water during sunset. It was a shot that was setup and inspired by a photographer who goes by the name of Joe Mcnally. It was an off-camera setup with the flash triggered on my left and with the little waves nudging me making it harder to get a sharp picture while getting the exposure correct and the sun quickly going down, it was a challenging shot.  

I may upload some more photos later but I just wanted to share a few of them at the moment. After my long break I'll be blogging a lot more now and catching up with what has been happening and finally finishing my 319 project so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. (I just thought I'd comment since it's been a while)
    Amazing pictures! The first photo, I believe, is in the same league as many of the landscape photos published in National Geographic!