Monday, June 20, 2011

{Self-Portrait Project} Refreshed

exposure: 1/2500sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 400

 Hi everyone! I'm actually starting to train for a fun run in August called the City 2 Surf which is the world's largest running event held in Sydney. After a short training session, I had the chance to take a photo of something that I wanted to do for a while and finally I had the chance to do this today.

Three flashes were used to get this look. There was one directly behind me on a stand, a flash behind me to my left a bit high up facing towards me and one more flash on the floor to my right facing up at my body (I forgot to bring another stand for this flash).  The camera was set up on a tripod, pre-focused and was triggered using a remote control. Thanks to Marione for helping me with the focusing since it was really dark. The flashes were triggered through the pop-up flash on my camera. It took over fifty shots to get the right photo with the right lighting and it was freezing while doing this since I was squirting myself with water but it was worth it in the end.  

Gear used: 
- Sony a350 with Carl Zeiss 24-70mm lens attached
- three flashes (HVL-F58AM, HVL-F43AM, HVL-F42AM)
- two light stands with Manfrotto 026
- remote cable
- tripod

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