Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Snapshots} Vivid Sydney 2011

Hi everyone!

The third annual Vivid Sydney festival has finished for another year. It hasn't failed in entertaining the people that ventured out into the cold and sometimes rainy nights to visit the light shows and live music that this event had to offer. With every show there is always a stand out feature that amazes me and I'm sure many other people. The first year it was the Sydney Opera House, last year it was St Mary's Cathedral and this year it was Customs House. I made a short time lapse of customs house that you will be able to view at the end of the post. If you missed out you can also take a look at the other time lapse video I made of the Sydney Opera House by clicking here. Right now, here are a few snapshots of the festival that I took. Enjoy!

exposure: 1/2sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 200

Unfamilar Customs by The Electric Canvas

 exposure: 1/6sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 200

Light Wave Action by Bow Jaruwangsanti, Kristy Philp, Christa Van Zoeren

 exposure: 3.2sec f/stop: 7.1 iso: 100

Positive Attracts by Edwin Cheong

 exposure: 0.6sec f/stop: 5.6 iso: 100

C/C by Angela Chong

 exposure: 13sec f/stop: 7.1 iso: 100

View of Sydney Harbour Bridge during Vivid

 exposure: 20sec f/stop: 9 iso: 100

Hopscoth by Fiona Venn & Reinhard Germar

 exposure: 6sec f/stop: 11 iso: 100

The Ken and The Opal by Haron Robson

 exposure: 1sec f/stop: 5 iso: 100

Web of Light by Ruth McDermott & Ben Baxter

 exposure: 2sec f/stop: 8 iso: 100

Fire Dance

And here is a short time lapse of Customs House during Vivid Sydney. Enjoy!

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