Monday, July 18, 2011

{Self-Portrait Project} Face Painting

exposure: 1/500sec f/stop: 1.7 iso: 100

Hi everyone! This image was inspired by another photographer, who's name I'm guessing is Victor Wagner. I thought it was pretty cool and creative shot so I decided to see if I could do something similar. To add meaning to this photo, this project has been challenging and has influenced a new creative vision and therefore painting a whole new perspective of photography.

The photo was taken in the studio with my orbis ring flash held just above and in front of me by Marione. The camera was triggered via my remote and the lens I was using was my 50mm lens. The photo was converted to black and white through photoshop and Marione did a lot of other editing which I will never understand. I did add some vignette in the photo for more effect. Thank you Marione for helping me with this shot.

Gear used: 
- Sony a350 with Konica Minolta 50mm lens f1.7 lens attached
- one flash (HVL-F58AM)
- Orbis ring  flash
- tripod

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