Friday, October 22, 2010

"Fun" Photo Shoot with Nikki

Hello everyone!

I've been meaning to catch up with my blog and write about whats been happening but its been really busy lately and I found a little time to write about one of our past shoots. This shoot was organized for our friend, Nikki who at the time was entering a competition for Sportsgirl. The theme of the shoot was "fun" and to make it interesting we added a few props in the shots such as jumbo cards, a pink wig, lollipops, delicious cupcakes, a few outfits by Nikki and more. Myself, Marione and Kristel were shooting in rotation and we were also eating a lot of food that we prepared beforehand. Overall, it went pretty well with no hiccups and no major problems which was great. I won't get technical with how we shot and our shooting plans but a lot of the shots were taken with our flashes and some off-camera too and a few shots with our reflectors. Enough of my ranting of the shoot. Here are some photos that the group took on this day.

Photo by Marione

 Photo by Marione

 Photo by Kristel

 Taken by John
(btw my shot doesn't really show anything "fun", more curiosity by Nikki looking over the edge)

Thanks for reading!


  1. lol I almost forgot what these photos looked like! I said it then but I'll say it again GOOD JOB GUYS! :D hehe
    This is a lot shorter than your previous posts but I suppose its due to the lag you're experiencing with your computer.

    Ps. Joy requested if you could upload the photos online? If you don't mind of course :)


  2. On facebook?

    Yeah I'm not sure how to write about our shoots. Considering if I should write about our setup of the shots or our experiences doing the shoot or write about some other things about it. Also thinking if I should keep it short and simple or write more about it hehe

  3. Yep, facebook please :)

    Why not cover it all? But not too long, like an essay =P Or if you can't decide write a short one and a long one and see which you prefer?