Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ne-Yo Style Shoot

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, JMCK had a photo shoot inspired by Ne-Yo. It was a studio shoot where my cousin, Phillip kindly volunteered. For a Ne-Yo look photo shoot we had the task of making a spotlight effect as we were basically trying to make the following photo.

To achieve this look, we were considering buying a snoot but opted to make it ourselves. We don't usually make our photo equipment but to save some money and make our own snoot was much more rewarding. After researching how to make a snoot, we needed to gather a whole lot of black straws (thank you Oportos for providing us with this), some glue and cut out some white cardboard. We followed the instructions on how to make it and this is the end result, mounted on my flash.

It was perfect for the photo that we were going for and props to Marione for finding it. Click here if you want to check out how we made it.

Taken by Kristel

While the photo isn't exactly the same, the spotlight effect was achieved and worked brilliantly with our do it yourself (DIY) snoot.

The rest of the shoot was great as we were trying to do some more Ne-Yo like poses. We did some off camera flash with our cameras and focused more on shadows and used the vintage mic as an additional prop. With each shoot that we have, our work flow improves, our organization gets better and we get a chance to practice with our models. Anyway, good job to everyone involved and thanks to Phillip for volunteering. Here are a few more shots of the day, taken by the group.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That shoot was so much fun and the results are amazing! Can't wait to experiment a little more with the Snoot :)

  2. It was definitely fun. We should do another Ne-Yo style shoot but have it on location.

  3. awwwwwwww ME RIKEY!!
    that was such a good day.
    minus me.. being late... all the time.