Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photos #192-216

exposure: 1/320sec f/stop: 5 iso: 100

I was at the park at Broadway trying to photograph the birds in flight. As you can see, its not a great shot but out of all the ones I took and the time that I had its the best out of the bunch. 

exposure: 1/500sec f/stop: 4 iso: 100

Taken at Bicentennial Park. Not much to say really. Its swimming in something =P

exposure: 1/250sec f/stop: 8 iso: 100

I was at the Bay run today and after a lap around the course I decided to take a few snapshots of the area. Here's a man walking dogs along the rock area.

 exposure: 1/15sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 200

This is a photo of my old rusty bike from when I was about five. I really like this shot because of the angle and the lines that are running through it.

exposure: 1/15sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 400

It was the Vogue Fashion's Night Out today and lucky for these models, they had some shade in the rain. They were promoting the new HP laptop with a competition during the night. I did not win.

 exposure: 1/100sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 100

The best shot of the matchsticks that I had as it lights up. I wish I had more so I can try this out again.

exposure: 1/30sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 400

I had a shoot with my good friend, Justin today. This is just one of the shots that I took while we were mucking around. I particularly like it because of the movement of his fists. You can also notice some barrel distortion on my lens.

exposure: 1/30sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 400

Time for me to pose! After a hard days work of bathroom renovations, I decided to take a rest. I must say, it was fun destroying my bathroom.

exposure: 1/10sec f/stop: 29 iso: 100

It was the Blackmore's Running Festival today. After the race, you receive a medal. Its probably my fifth or sixth year running marathons with my friends and I have to admit they're pretty cool and once you get to finish line, you have to strike a pose for the photographers.

exposure: 1/100sec f/stop: 6.3 iso: 100

I love the light shining through the leaf. It looks like a painting to me.

 exposure: 1/60sec f/stop: 4.5 iso: 200

This was the best fashion show I've been to so far. These are the models of the Dirty French Word fashion show at the Ivy.

exposure: 1/40sec f/stop: 22 iso: 100

I was practicing on my panning techniques and this is the end result. The cyclist is in perfect focus. My only problem with it though is that I didn't get all of the bike in the shot.

  exposure: 1/640sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 100

After a rainy morning the plants in front of my house had drop of water on the leaves. Great opportunity to take a photo. They always look so cool.

exposure: 1/1000sec f/stop:8 iso: 100

I was at Bondi Beach with Marione today and we decided to buy a deep fried mars bar. It was our first time trying one and when we bit into it, we burnt our tongues. It was a funny moment. I'd sure like to see deep fried snickers bars.

exposure: 1/1000sec f/stop: 13 iso: 200

This photo was set up as I sprayed the flower with water. Nonetheless, its still a great shot with the stigma of the flower in sharp focus.

exposure: 0.8sec f/stop: 32 iso: 100

I was feeling a bit experimental today and I wanted to see how it would look like if I took a photo of graffiti while zooming out and turning my camera. Its pretty twisted but since this shot, I had better ones where it looks like its a sink that's draining colorful water.

exposure: 1/1000sec f/stop: 1.7 iso: 100

Apart of my last 319 update post was about the environment. Since then I've started throwing my rubbish in the bin and more cautious about the environment. I took this photo at a site where people are beginning to cut down trees to clear way for new buildings that will be built. 
 exposure: 1/500sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 200

Can you guess what animal this is? Its a turtle and shifty looking one as it is.

exposure: 1/160sec f/stop: 8 iso: 100

A quick shot of one of the JMCK group. We had a Ne-Yo style shoot at the studio and during this shot we were testing out the lighting. I'll write up how it went in an upcoming post.

exposure: 1/160 f/stop: 9 iso: 100

I was in Canberra today with Marione attending Floriade. It was a great photo taking opportunity where we had the chance to practice using our camera. I like this colorful shot with the ferris wheel in the background.

  exposure: 1/10sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 400

My package from Canon for a photo competition arrived today. Its called the EOS 5 Photo Challenge where Canon send you five items and you have to take a creative photo of each item. Its a great opportunity to practice and if you win that would be even better. I'll post up the final photos that I take for this competition in a future post. I wish Sony had a comp like this in Australia.

  exposure: 1/500sec f/stop: 9 iso: 100

I was location scouting with Marione today and we ended up here. I think this is West Ryde but I love this spot. The clouds look pretty cool in this shot too.

exposure: 1/125sec f/stop: 32 iso: 100

This is our DIY snoot that Marione made (props to Marione on this one). Its a great lighting tool that we used for the Ne-Yo style shoot that we had recently and its made out of straws! We saved ourselves money here.

exposure: 1/125sec f/stop: 32 iso: 100 
 This was taken in the studio with some spare strawberrys that I had from the last shoot. I love the splash and it looks so vibrant. I'm probably going to do this shot again cause it was so much fun.

exposure: 1/250sec f/stop: 6.3 iso: 100

A different day, a different shot of the splash photos. This time using milk and with the same strawberry (I froze it to preserve it) I managed to get this shot. Unfortunately the battery from my flash died but this still ended up being a pretty good shot. Also, the other shot I had where the strawberry just hit the water wasn't in focus. I will again, re-do this shot. I love these types of photos.

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