Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updated: Sony at Photokina

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Photokina is here and so far there have been new camera announcements from nearly every manufacturer leading up to the event. Sony have issued a press release for the trade show detailing future releases for the Alpha line and NEX cameras as well as a firmware update for the NEX-3 and NEX-5 due to be released in mid October. The firmware update enables auto-focus on SAM/SSM alpha lenses and new functionality on the user interface. You can view the press release by clicking here.

As for the a700 replacement, it appears that there is only a mockup on display at the show with the vertical grip and a new flash. Looks like the AA (Advanced Amateur) market have to wait a little longer for the announcement. Alongside the camera is the 500mm f/4 super-telephoto lens which is also a mockup that is due to be released soon. From what I've read from the forums and other sites, the a700 replacement will not be announced this year which is disappointing because that would be the camera body that I would want to upgrade to. After seeing the new Canon 60D, Nikon D7000, Pentax k-5, Olympus E-5, I would have expected Sony to release an advanced model for photographers. Well I'm thinking, the longer the wait, the better the camera should be compared to the new releases from the other camera manufacturers since the a700 has been discontinued for nearly a year.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, looks like there is no a7xx replacement for Sony users. I'm contemplating whether or not I should just jump to full frame but I only have two full frame lenses and I'd need another to cover my main range, so it would actually end up costing me more but we'll see what happens. I think I'll be patient and wait. After all, my a350 is still alive and well after numerous drops on rocks, concrete and wood (all in the last 3 months). I'm actually surprised it still works. Back to the a7xx, I now have high expectations for this camera since the wait has been so long. 

Here are a few shots from dpreview of  the Sony stand at Photokina and the press release from Sony Europe.

500mm f/4 G series lens, a7xx replacement DSLR/DSLT? with vertical grip and new flash

Mockup of the a7xx with vertical grip and new flash

a7xx rear view

 Recently announced a580 with vertical grip

Sony's DSLT camera, the a55 that uses Sony's new innovative Translucent Mirror Techonology

 The recently announced Carl Zeiss 24mm f/2 lens (I would love this lens for my landscape photos)

 500mm f/4 Super telephoto G series lens

New colored NEX Cameras

NEX 5 with new flash

New NEX lenses including a Carl Zeiss and G series lens with current NEX lenses.

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