Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Places} Adriano Zumbo Patissier

Hello everyone!

This is my first of many upcoming posts about places that I eat at amongst the other various things that I blog about such as photography in general, snapshots of events, photo shoots and a few other ideas that I have in mind. Being the first, I thought I'd mention a very popular place in Rozelle, Adriano Zumbo Patissier. If you've been here before, you would notice the awesome graffiti on the wall outside. It's a small place with limited seating but that isn't really a problem. The service is great, the food is well decorated and you even get to see the staff prepare the food through the glass windows. It's cool to watch if people decide to sit there.

 Angela Quiche

They have a range of cakes, tarts, pastry, loaves and quiche. I enjoyed their food and after going there a few times, I liked it even more. The cakes I tried tasted great and they were beautifully decorated.

  Hot Chocolate

The thing that this place is most famous for is their macarons. Its the best I've ever had and with a changing flavor menu every month, you won't ever get sick of what they have to offer. 

The blue macaron (smarties) was the best of the lot.

All in all, I think this place is well worth the travel if you have a craving for some macarons. It's not really a place for lounging about like Gloria Jeans and Starbucks but more of a walk in walk out sort of place. I did find it pretty cool that we could check out the chefs decorating and preparing the food. It may be a bit pricey for some but with all the prep that goes into it, I understand why its like this. This place gets my recommended rating of 3/5


  1. I think this is a pretty good idea - documenting places :) I love the first image and the pictures of food look like stock photography-worthy!
    Maybe I should polish up on my cooking so you can make me look good hahaha.

    (Y) Good post!

  2. I want to start blogging more and this is one of the ideas that came up =.). Hehe yeah they do sort of look like stock images but I'd definitely like to take photos of your cooking =.D

  3. I DO PLACES! It's awesome! Lucky you have photos. I think my blog is behind because I lack visual stimulation. Oh well good stuff! :)

  4. hehe thanks! yeah i actually find it pretty fun to do and its something different to blog about. hey did u end up getting ur new camera yet?