Sunday, May 1, 2011

{Snapshots} Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share a few of the shots that I took from the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It's nothing fancy, just me, my camera and my tripod. Enjoy!

 exposure: 1/2500sec f/stop: 4.5 iso: 200

Ferris wheel during the day.
 exposure: 1/1600sec f/stop: 4.5 iso: 100

This ride is called the 'Skyflyer'. I love the silhouette in this.

 exposure: 1/100sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 200

Little baby chicks crowded altogether. 

 exposure: 1/3200sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 100

A man cow wearing pearls!

exposure: 1/30sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 200

That'll do pig. Sleep now. 

 exposure: 1/60sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 100 

A fashion show for wool.

 exposure: 1/1250sec f/stop: 4 iso: 100

Wood chopping event at one of the arenas.

 exposure: 1/1000sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 100

Horse riding among other events at the main arena.

 exposure: 1/1250sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 100
Five photo panorama in portrait
Click for larger photo

 exposure: 30sec f/stop: 32 iso: 100

One of the many rides that I took photos of. I did something similar last year but I never get tired of shots like this.

 exposure: 6sec f/stop: 25 iso: 100

Love the swirl of colors in this photo.

 exposure: 1sec f/stop: 5.6 iso: 100

Ferris wheel at night.

 exposure: 4secs f/stop: 9 iso: 100

My favorite time of the day during the Easter show. The fireworks! I had so many photos of this but I didn't want to upload a whole heap of firework photos so here's one that I'm happy with, exposure and composition wise.

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