Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Places} The Chocolate Room

Hello everyone!

If you feel like chocolate and everything chocolate related, take a visit to the Chocolate Room down at Sussex Street.

Chocolate Fondue 

   Twixie Milkshake

 This place was okay for a cafe. To be honest the ambiance wasn't that great and it was really quiet because they had no background music playing and it wasn't too busy. I just didn't feel too comfortable here compared to when I'm at Max Brennar. 

  Marshmallow and banana pancake

Belgian Hot Chocolate

The food was below average. The pancakes were burnt at the bottom and it tasted really salty for some reason. The fondue was good but the Chocolate Room ran out of strawberries and this was early during the day so I was a bit surprised about that and really unfortunate because I love strawberries with chocolate.

Belgian Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Fondue and Twixie Milkshake

Overall, this place didn't live up to the expectations that I initially had for it. The food was disappointing, the atmosphere was dead and the lighting didn't make the place feel like a nice and cozy place to enjoy your food. The best thing about the Chocolate Room was the Twixie milkshake.  


  1. Yeah! Twixy shake was the best!
    I have excellent taste, don't you think? LOL

    Nice pictures :)

  2. LOL... i only like their cakes and waffles