Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mardi Gras

Hi everyone!

My photo for yesterday's 319 project was a little late but alas its there now and of course it had to be of my dance group. Great company, good for a laugh and just a happy bunch of people. Had a little shoot yesterday with them and I wasn't really happy with a few of my shots. Mainly cause of my flash and lighting (just shows I need more practice) but it turned out alright in the end. I should definitely take more shots next time. Also was in a car accident yesterday where I was at a traffic light and the car in front of me reversed for no reason at all =S. Its like he did it on purpose. Er anyway got his details and I'll let my insurance take care of the rest. Thats not really photography related but I took a photo of the damage so there you go =).

Tonight I will be shooting at the Mardi Gras so expect another late photo tonight. Its going to be a long night but it should be fun. I've never been to the Mardi Gras before but for event photography its a good opportunity to be there. Also have a few mini shoots in the next couple of days so you'll see that when I'm done. JMCK had a shoot as well. Though I didn't take any photos, Carrie and Marione were taking the photos. From what I saw Marione's photos were great and Carrie's though I haven't seen it will be just as good. Here's a few quick photos from Marione. These are also on her flickr page.

I like the lighting and composition of these photos. The makeup and hundreds and thousands really stands out. Great job Marione. We also have another shoot sometime in the next couple of weeks and I hope all of JMCK can come ;) 

Thanks for reading and take care =.)

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