Monday, February 15, 2010

I wish I started a 365 project where I take a photo everyday that is significant to me, whether it be about family, life, relationships, my destinations or pretty much anything. Its an album where I can reflect about the year and everything that happened.

But who says I cant start one just a bit late anyway? I only missed 46 days =P
Well here is the start of my project - the '319 project' 


  1. nice photos. keep up the good work- Jerome Boutelet

  2. Congrats for being my first comment to my blog! lol thanks for the support =D

  3. Nice layout! Makes me want to change mine lol.
    Did you try making the birdcage photos black and white?

  4. You have a way better layout than mine =(
    I still don't get how to use blogger so I'm sticking to the basics for now hehe until you teach me in person =P

    Yeah I did but I chose to add a reddish/yellow tint to it instead

  5. Talaga!? Well It looks nice either way hehe.
    You just left my house, and I taught you how to use Curves so I thinks you can include some editing techniques in your blog if you like?

    Man, I am so full :(