Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sydney lights

Hello everyone! Today was spent doing a few assignments, looking through my usual photo sites and going to books of kinokuniya to get some ideas and themes for the next shoots that JMCK plan to have. One of the books I had a chance to look through was Tim Walkers photo book (thanks Marione). He's a professional photographer that has some really creative ideas with photo shoots and he uses interesting props in his photos such as a large group of rabbits and a very large boot just to name a few. I also have to suggest reading "The Hot Shoe diaries" by Joe McNally. Great photographer who knows his stuff with flash and lighting techniques!

I spent heaps of time experimenting with my photos and one of the things I like to do is take night photos and landscape. The way all the lights are set out make such an interesting landscape and photos look even better in my opinion. The photo below is part of project 319 and it was taken in the city overlooking the water.

exposure: 15secs f/stop: 6.3 iso: 100
Not the best photo but the water looks awesome with the lights!
Anyway, I had intentions of writing a lot more but unfortunately I'm really tired. Still a bit confused on what direction this blog is taking, whether I should talk about cameras and lenses with reviews or tutorials and camera techniques or DIY projects or what I'm doing in photography. Maybe I should do all of those things. We'll see where it takes me but for now. 

Take care everyone!


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