Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time Lapse Photography

Here is my first attempt of time lapse photography. Its taken a while for me to learn how to put everything together and now I finally got it! And I have some other ideas on how to make the video better. Actually I'm still trying to figure out how to put youtube videos in HD so you can get better quality cause the highest quality I have it on now, just doesn't cut it. Well you'll find out if I figure out the HD thing out in my next time lapse video. Oh and I also had to add some music from Yiruma (really talented Korean pianist). It just adds that bit of emotion in this video.

Just some info from this video. The whole shoot was done in 30 seconds intervals for about 2 and a half hours so that's a lot of photos (for me anyway). I was shooting with my remote commander but I'm hoping  to get a intervalometer soon to save me from manually pressing the remote commander every 30 seconds. It was a great experience shooting for this video and I learnt quite a lot on the spot. Made a few mistakes that people may find in the video such as blown up photos, the slight movement on the camera (I fiddled around a bit with the settings every now and then while shooting) and exposure. But nonetheless its a good way for me to learn from my mistakes and try to improve it for my next shoot. If you haven't noticed yet, this video is of the Sydney skyline with the Harbour Bridge in the frame. I was shooting from Milson's Point in one of the grass patches of the lookout area. The video would've been longer except there so many mosquitoes there it was annoying the crap out of me. Oh and also cause I didn't have enough memory on my card (only 2gigs).

Note to self: Buy a larger memory card and an intervalometer asap, get new earphones (mine broke), bring food and drinks and if in a grassy area bring insect repellent!

Thanks for reading and watching
Take care everyone =)

Enjoy! =)

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