Monday, March 29, 2010

Introducing my new addition to my camera lineup

 Sony Cyber-Shot HX5V

I received this camera off eBay from DigitalRev. Pretty good online store that was really cheap compared to the local stores around Sydney that were retailing it for $530 - 630. It arrived in two days of placing an order and that was really fast with free postage. I'm going to shop with them again for my new lens (still deciding what that will be but I'll probably be spending a couple grand on it). Anyway back to the camera it functions pretty well and I mainly got it for times when I can't bring my DSLR around and for the video capabilities. Its a good travel camera with GPS and compass capabilities and with the intelligent sweep panorama mode, makes this an added bonus feature to this camera. Not to mention the HDR (High Dynamic Range), Hand-held twilight mode, anti motion blur and intelligent auto enables you to get great quality image. Its not as good as a DSLR but for a compact camera it really raises the bar on image quality. After playing around with it for a few days, I easily got the hang of using it. There is just two problems that I encounter when using this problem.

The first is the location of the stereo mics. The image below shows that the stereo mics are so close to the edge of the camera that it could be a hassle when recording video. When shooting video people usually use both hands to make the camera more steady but because of the location of the stereo mics, people have to be mindful not to cover them.

Top view

My second problem was the tripod mount. I probably won't be using this on a tripod that many times but when I do it could become an inconvenience. It may not be a problem with some people but I just prefer the tripod mount in the middle so its more stable.
Bottom view

That's just a few things that I have to nitpick with the camera and I really can't find many things that bother me. Its already a really popular camera after its release a couple of weeks ago and it really satisfies the needs of the compact camera crowd's needs with a variety of great features. Here's just a a couple of shots with this camera using the intelligent sweep panorama mode.

Victoria Park

Sydney Fish Markets
A little barrel distortion but I think I panned the camera pretty fast on this shot

I'll do a video review of this when I have the time cause the next two weeks for me is going to get really busy with work and study and assignments that I need to do but I'll do my best.

Thanks for reading everyone! =.)

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