Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photos #35-43

exposure: 1/1000sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 100

I haven't done high speed photography (HSP) for a while but it was pretty fun. I like this shot and I wanted to do more but I ran out of balloons so it'll have to wait till I get more.

 exposure: 1/2500sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 100

While waiting for Marione at the station I thought I'd take a little stroll around Strathfield cause it was too hot to wait in the car. I just like the shadows of the fence on the ground and the random bottle.

exposure: 1/80 sec f/stop: 6.3 iso: 100

This makes me want to get the Sony 70-200mm even more. It would help me take sharper good quality images but in the meantime I'll work with what I have. I have an interest to do some nature photography and after looking through some National Geographic magazines, I'm actually considering it. I just need to improve on my shots. 
exposure: 1/2 sec f/stop: 6.3 iso: 100

Driving through the city today, like always I decided to take a photo at a random place and a random time. I wish there were more people in the shot but I like the movement of the people. I was trying to get a shot of city life and how people are always moving and how busy things can get. I'll  take a better shot later to convey that message another time.

exposure: 1/80 sec f/stop: 2.8 iso 200

The first time I tried vitamin water and its actually not bad. A bit expensive from the place I bought it but still it was nice. Thought I'd take a photo of the bottle to commemorate this special occasion. 

exposure: 1/50 sec f/stop: 6.3 iso: 100

Random kid that looked really angry but I didn't manage to get that angry facial expression. I was originally taking a photo of the scenery but he suddenly just stormed into my shot. I cropped and edited this photo a bit but I wish I got more of his reflection in the water.

exposure: 0.6 sec f/stop: 7.1 iso: 400

Being the tech junkie that I am, I was really excited to get this new camera with all the great features it has. It makes me excited to see what Sony comes out with in the next couple of months. Also I'm guessing Sony will release their next batch of DSLRs that finally have video mode (a lot of people say its not necessary but its one of the reasons why Sony has lost a lot of market share. Oh well its the trend these days and might I add it will be the best video implantation in DSLRs from the other manufacturers) in the next couple of months. Sometime before or during the FIFA World Cup because Sony is the major sponsor for the event and they would be idiots not to use that big event to market some of the products.

exposure: 1/500 sec f/stop: 6.3 iso: 100

Whilst on my walks I saw a duck at Victoria Park sleeping on itself. I didn't know ducks could turn the necks around and rest on their backs. Random thought I was thinking, what if humans could do that but that's just weird lol. 

exposure: 1/10 sec f/stop: 2.8 iso: 200

At the Fish Markets with my sister and we ordered a seafood platter and we finished it (usually we get so full that we don't eat everything but I guess we were just really hungry). I was here a couple of days before today having yum cha with Marione's family celebrating her sister's birthday. Never been to yum cha and that was a cool experience. 

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