Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photo Updates

Hi everyone!

Finally I'm back and able to post up my photos on 319 project. The photos will follow after this post with 10 to catch up on. I'm trying to have more of a theme with the 319 project rather than just random images that I take. Maybe just about my life. I'll probably put a little comment about it after the settings I use from now on. So I'll probably do my theme on my life after this set of photos.

There are about four shoots that I want to get done in the next few weeks. One big one with JMCK soon and hopefully that pans out well. As before the photos and theme of it will be shown when we finish with the shoot. Also looking for some other volunteer models (trying to get some male volunteers as well) - I already contacted a few and so far so good. I will contact more people within a few days. If anyone else wants to volunteer let myself or one of the JMCK members know and I'm sure we'll be able to sort something out.

I'm also in the process of making another time lapse video. Its going to be way better than my first one so I hope you guys enjoy it when its out. For those that didn't see my first attempt click here.

I got so many ideas with my photos and I got the chance to speak of a few with Marione. I'll do a few in the next few days if I have the time so we'll see how that goes. I've also received heaps of questions on what DSLRs people should get so if anyone has questions on whats good I'm more than willing to help out and I'll do some comparisons on entry level models between Canon, Nikon and Sony (I know I said mid level but it makes sense to start with the entry level and work my way up).

Seeing as how I'm a tech junkie I just read up that Sony will be releasing their mirrorless cameras in May which is way earlier than expected. If this is true I might get to see them at PMA in June so thats exciting. Also planning to do some major lens shopping in Melbourne and I am eyeing out the Sony 70-200mm 2.8 G series lens and the Carl Zeiss 24-70mm 2.8 SSM lens. Back to the mirrorless cameras, they will be head on competition to the micro four thirds cameras from panasonic and olympus but will have better specs and features and better Image Quality (IQ). Samsung also just announced their entry into this market as well with the NX10.


Nice looking cameras I must say and I like the AMOLED screen. Also looking to see if I can get a hands on preview of this camera too.

Thats most of my news for now. Theres a lot more to do with my photos that I'll talk about later but for now take care and thanks for reading! =.)

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