Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Next Purchase

Hi everyone.

I finally had a chance to play with the Sony cybershot HX5v at the stores today and I must say its pretty awesome! I want to buy one now! Well hopefully I get to buy it soon. I still have to save up for Melbourne and the 70-200mm G lens and my sisters birthday present. Also I had the chance to play with Canon G11 and I also have to say that that is an awesome camera for the enthusiast compact camera people. With a tilt and swivel LCD, dual anti noise sensors and dedicated controls, makes this camera pretty awesome. My only problem with it is the viewfinder. Its so small!! So small and the coverage is so bad and I find it useless to have it there. Well not all cameras are perfect but I'm holding out for the HX5v and after talking to the camera dealers, they're reserving it for me for a really good price.

Other than the usual camera and gear talk I recently did a small shoot where the camera was turned on me and I was the model for once. It was for Kristel, who is one of the JMCK members for her assignment. The theme was on legs and I had to be in my running gear for this. It was shot at Hyde Park and it was a pretty successful shoot with how the photos turned out on the camera. I'll see if I can get a hold on any of those photos to post them up for you guys to check out.

As for JMCK photo shoots we're hoping to get one real soon. Preferably before I start working at the easter show. So we have a couple of weeks to get something off the ground. Also have a few people that are volunteering for shoots so once those shoots are done I'll post up some photos for everyone to see.

I know I've been a bit behind with the 319 posts but I'll be up to date with it before I go to sleep tonight so hope you guys enjoy it. I really should put more effort into it though. Hmm. On a different note, I have my car back from smash repairs, so I can finally drive around again and take photos wherever now. About halfway done with my next time lapse video and really putting more effort with this so that should be up before I start work at the easter show.

On a final note, congrats to Sony for winning the zoom lens of the year from amateur photographer.

Carl Zeiss Vario Sonar T* 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM
I really want this lens too!

Thanks for reading and take care everyone =.)

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