Monday, April 12, 2010

Photos #54-58

 exposure: 1/25sec f/stop: 4 iso: 400

Another day at the Easter show and I'm getting tempted to spend money everyday cause there's just heaps of food that look so nice to eat. Luckily, these cupcakes here were free! They tasted really nice and its one of those free promotions where you just had to sign your name and email and you get a free cupcake but in my case I took two. 

 exposure: 1/250sec f/stop: 5 iso: 125

During one of my breaks I took a stroll outside to check out the rides. I stumbled to find one of the rides malfunctioned with people still on it. It attracted a massive crowd from the news crew, the ambulance, police, emergency services and the fire brigade. As far as I know, these people were stuck on this ride for about an hour or maybe more but its lucky that the ride didn't stop at the top of the roller coaster. 

 exposure: 1/30sec f/stop: 3.5 iso: 200

Got off work at the Easter show early to meet up and catch up with my mates and to celebrate one of my good friends birthday. This was at Marble Bar, downstairs from the Hilton Hotel and I must say it was an awesome venue. Live band, good music and great atmosphere. Hope you had a good time Ben!

 exposure: 1/8sec f/stop: 3.5 iso: 200

 Tonight I was out with Marione and we drove to the famous, Harry's Pies at Woolloomooloo. This place always has a crowd of people eating at this shop and a lot of tourists come down to try the hot dogs and pies. Its been awhile since myself and Marione ate here, so thanks Marione for suggesting to eat here again =)

 exposure: 1/20sec f/stop: 3.5 iso: 800

 Back at the Easter show, I just wanted to show you how we spend some of our quiet hours at work. There are these novelty bows and arrows that work really well and they go really far as well. We modified the arrow and got rid of the suction cup and made a point at the end so it can pierce boxes or even this can, so you can imagine how sharp it can be.

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